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Seasonal-ish updates from ChamChef

"Here's to the winter just gone & the summer to come;
here's to doing and drinking, not sitting and thinking." Emma x

We got married! /Winter 2015/2016 /Summer 2015 /Winter 2014/15 / Norway Ski Touring / Winter 2013/14 / Summer 2013 / 'Chamoknee' Club / Triathlete Camp Nutrition / Winter 2012/13 / Summer 2012 / Chamonix Restaurant Guide / Chamonix Bar Guide

Summer 2016

Photo montage showing Chamonix private chef - ChamChef - Emma Lawrenson's, dinners & a tour de France cycle rider

Summer this year started at Amazon Creek in Chamonix, with a super cool family celebrating a 50th Bday. Then to Black Rock Ski Lodge for the Tour de France Cycle Camp week with Gary Willis - which was as awesome as expected. Lots of hard work & fun with friends old and new - and a great day out watching the Tour de France.

July into August I was in the Gers. It was ALL about the local produce - duck & Foie Gras - and amazing markets. Thank you Karen & Simon for your hospitality & for the Landrover for my days off - San Sebastian for amazing Pintxos & Bocadillos, Biarritz then to the Marciac Jazz festival! Serious food & music fun. 

2017 - updated courses & dates are on the Holiday Cookery Courses website. I am having a big push to spread the word. So as there is no marketing budget please do sign up for the Newsletter if you haven't and then fwd the newsletter onto any friends, family or random strangers you think may be interested! Thanks! Em x


We got married!Photo montage showing Emma Lawrenson, Chamonix private chef ChamChef on her wedding day

Princess for a day! Ted (Andrew Davies in real life) & I got married on 30th April 2016 at my mum's house in Nottinghamshire. QUICK FAQ: YES it was the best day of my life / NO I did not cater it! / YES Juno the dog was a brilliant bridesmaid / NO I wont be changing my name / YES I will still travel for work / YES & NO we had a fantastic honeymoon in the Philippines (El Nido on Palawan Island) with world class diving, but it was tooooo hot for me!

Winter 2015/2016Photo montage for Chamonix private chef ChamChef showing french cooking, gourmet food, chef catered chalet dinner

Winter 2015/2016 - another fantastic winter. An eventually good, long one snow wise - but yet another winter I didn't ski the Haute Route. Guess I will have to stay here till I do then! This winter two fantastic chefs, Jenna Viney & Elle Lumsden, shared bookings with me. Elle especially worked crazy hard looking after her VIP celebrity client - serious respect Elle. Thank you for working with me ladies - I hope we can continue to send work to each other.

It was a busy winter as usual at 
BlackRock - who can now sleep 16 (and can offer 16 single beds for corporate groups fyi). It was great to see so many returning guests, some returning for the 4 year. I also worked with HiP chalets, Cru Chalets, Chalets des Liarets and my private clients - including Odd-Arne's brilliant group of Norwegian men. I love tall men - see the ChamChef Facebook Page for photo!!

Summer isn't over - but I'm already thinking about SNOW. I will be getting fit with my SkiFit App & booking my ski lessons with BASS and maybe the Ski Performance for Mountaineers with Alison Off Piste Performance which I have half completed previously. Haute Route? Next year for sure ;-)

As always - huge thanks to the clients & friends - and the very many of you now who are both - who make my work such a rewarding pleasure. 

As a thank you I have added 3 "Super Charged" Breakfast Recipes on the ChamChef Facebook Page. The pimped-up Bircher Museli recipe you guys are always asking me the recipe for + a whole Oat Groat Porridge recipe for winter. I'll also put my Gluten Free Breakfast Burrito recipe. So head to the page (and Like it while you there!) for the recipes. Enjoy! See you all soon I hope, Em x


Summer 2015 Photo montage for Gourmet Cooking Holidays showing french cooking, gourmet food, wine tasting etc

Summer this year started super early (2 weeks after I got back from Norway! What happened to the inter-season recovery period?! ) with a Women's Wellness retreat with URQU. It was especially nice to work with Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix Mountain Guide Stephanie Maureau and International Mountain Leader Emma Jack. I hope to work with both you ladies again soon. I then enjoyed a full on week @ BlackRock Ski Lodge for the Phil Moseley Tri & Ironman Camp. By the end of the week the guests, who were from all over the world, and all of us in the BR team had really bonded making it a very special week. Following a quick jaunt down to the South of France, I spent a very rainy but very lovely 6 weeks in Scotland with a wonderful family, their extended family & their friends. Thanks to 'The Lynch Mob' for a great July & Aug.

Thanks! Em x

Winter 2014/2015 Photo montage for Gourmet Cooking Holidays showing french cooking, gourmet food, wine tasting etc

Winter 2014/2015 was a great season - made better by sharing the work load with the rather wonderful Stu McMillian - thank you Stu. It was a busy winter with both of us working at Black Rock as well as with other clients and, with Stu, I was able to take more bookings & work with more clients & companies - great progress.I also launched a Home Delivery Service last winter, which will be running again this winter. Winter 2015, like winter 2014, wrapped up with another fantastic Ski Touring trip to Norway with Jeff Banks. Huge thanks to the clients who make this trip such a special one. It is not every client you can, or would want to, share lodgings with whilst working for, and also drink whiskey with in your PJs! You guys all rock. Can't wait to do it all again :-) Not long now till the snow returns...I will be getting fit with my SkiFit App & booking my ski lessons in with Dee at BASS any minute now. Huge thanks to the clients & friends - and those of you who are both - who made last winter a really fantastic one.

See you all soon I hope, Em x

2015 Highlights & Lowlights: nearly killing Stu with 4 weeks of Russians in a row! / BlackRock regulars & Ali & Lara's visit / 420 cupcakes for Mountain Drop Offs / 1st kitchen for Logan booking: lowlight (client cried) / 2nd, upgraded kitchen for the Logans: highlight! (thanks MM & Chalet Zenith) / my Norwegian gospel choir clients who have re-booked already yay! / SNOWY climbing holiday in Spain = no climbing / dog 'walking' vin chauds at Lac Chavant's Guinguette / Nick Bullock arriving & leaving unscathed / Off-piste Seasonaire's lessons with Dee O'Neil / Stu's bloody car!!! / unfazeable Alex - über ops director for WOI / Jonathon Conroy Vins et Spiriteaux for exceptional service / not cooking the high altitude, warm up for Everest, record breaking meal (highlight or lowlight?) / Fish's 40th / sadly seeing several good friends have to battle through a very difficult start to the year - you guys are amazing - so much respect / Norway ski touring / Ted / Lorelei Lawrenson's arrival

Norway Backcountry ski touring trip

I ended the winter season with a fantastic 3 week trip to Norway with local IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide Jeff Banks, cooking for clients on a back country / ski touring adventure holiday. Although the snow was not as epic as it has been in previous years an amazing week was had by all our clients, and we will definitly be running the Norway trip again next winter.

Winter 2013/14 Wrap up

Well, winter 2013/14 was all about Black Rock Ski Lodge really. What a season, what a team! The gang that met in knee rehab proved to be good partners and I had a great winter working at Paul & Lizzie's luxury, sports, focused chalet in Les Houches, with help from other 'Chamoknee' club member Betsy. Paul & I were both skiing again in December (6 months post ACL graft surgery) - although Paul gets the prize for managing to ski the Pas de Chevre & the ENSA couloir in the same day...and Mont Blanc at the end of the winter. Big shout out to La Clinique du Sport from all of us btw.

I enjoyed a few fab dinners with a couple who were out celebrating their 40th Birthday - special people, with great friends & family.

Highlights & Lowlights included: skiing again / new Arcteryx down & uber lightweight shell for Christmas / family christmas with Ted & Shirley / watching Fish learn to board / skiing with mum / being beaten up the skining track by Lizzy @ 7 months pregnant! / Chloe / cooking fresh, fjord caught fish / ski touring in beautiful Norway / Chamonix Adventure Film Festival / no inter-season break!

Summer 2013 - Launch of Holiday Cookery Courses -

This summer I have used the time when I haven't been working to develop a concept I have been wanting to do for a while - luxury, all inclusive cooking holidays in France. I will be running 2 types of courses in Les Houches, Chamonix in the summer - both of which are carefully crafted, all-inclusive, luxury holidays designed to offer you a stress free, enjoyable culinary experience. Chose either the Gourmet Cooking course to immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the region, or treat yourself to the Health & Wellbeing course and learn how source and cook food that makes you feel better whilst working out with our personal trainer. Both courses will relax & inspire you so you will return from your holiday feeling fantastic.

Photo montage for Gourmet Cooking Holidays showing french cooking, gourmet food, wine tasting etc

Photo montage for Health & Wellbeing Cooking Holidays showing french cooking, healthy food, summer alpine activities, massages, kettlercise etc

This Summer I had chef jobs in: Chamonix in: chalets / Le Majestic Congress cooking for: English / The Chamonix Adventure Film Festival VIPs

I also visited: UK for a very special wedding - 2 weeks post surgery & on crutches!

Highlights & Lowlights included: having knee surgery & joining the 'Chamoknee Club' / becoming a partner of the Chamonix Adventure Festival & catering for the Petit Bus Rouge film premier & art exhibition / another wonderful Lee wedding back in the UK / owing Ted a million brownie points for being amazingly patient & fetching, carrying, cooking & driving for months / having to eat in more Michelin starred restaurants than I ever have before as research for the cookery holidays / discovering how totally revolting Billy Goats smell / buying beautiful slate display tiles for a bargain / swimming in Lac Passy / loving the mountains more each year I live here / fully appreciating what a very special & amazing woman my mother is.

'Chamoknee' Club Update

The only downside to the winter season was that I ended it with a ruptured ACL in my knee due to a slow fall in heavy powder where my ski didn't come off. I spent 3 months doing physio & rehab with the excellent Neil Maclean-Martin at La Clinique du Sport in Chamonix - who I highly recommend - before having a hamstring graft in Annecy at the beginning of June. 2 months post-op and I am flying through the re-education, again thanks to Neil & his team. So this summer has been frustrating due to time off work & also being unable to hike & climb, but I am now returning to sport & will hit this winter fitter & stronger than I ever have before. I can't wait!

May 2013 Triathlete Camp Nutrition Update

Thank you to Paul & Liz at who got me in to do a special nutritional planning & cooking week for their Tri Camp mid May, when they had a coach & a load of triathletes from Dubai over to train in the Alps. A great week was had by all... and boy did those guys deserve all the protein packed, super-healthy cooking I did for them! Check out my Nutritional Menu Plan if you feel like being inspired to eat healthily. ps. Feeling proud after top performance coach Garth Fox described my sports specific menu as “outstanding, the kind of nutrition support you only find in pro cycling teams”.

Winter 2012/2013 Wrap Up

Well, what a great season for snow! The lifts have stopped...but the snow hasn't and the serious ski tourers are having a blast. So the theme this season seems to be tons of snow and lots of lovely guests, most of whom have been Russian. I have worked in Megeve more than Chamonix this winter, and made some great contacts with suppliers. Not least of whom is Manu, one of the best butchers in France, owner of the Boucherie Lavry, in Combloux. His homemade charcuterie is exceptional. I ended the season with my first summer booking - if that makes sense!

Note to self: I REALLY MUST learn Russian before next winter ...hmmm...I have a serious feeling of deja vu going on!

Summer 2012 Wrap Up

Well, whilst Summer isn't over just yet... (in fact I have barely dried out from my UK summer trips)... it is starting to feel very autumnal in the Chamonix valley. The lifts will be shutting soon, it is raining outside & I am trying to remember the good spots for mushroom picking. So before I get too excited about the winter season & the snow to come - I thought I had better wrap up the summer season. As always a big thank you to agents, companies & clients who made my season so enjoyable.


pictures of gourmet food cooked by private chef

This Summer I had chef jobs in: Burgundy / Bruges to Paris / Marbella / London to Henley / Isle of Wight in:barges / villas / houses cooking for: English / French / Australian / New Zealanders / South Africans / Russians

I also visited: Fontainbleau / mum in Notts / St Helens / Swansea / Portsmouth / Bristol / Cornwall /

Highlights & Lowlights included: cooking dinner as we cruised through Paris past the Tour Eifel / crewing in a j109 class race at Cowes week with Chamonix friends / accidentally taking part in a 2 man rowing race at Henley whilst sailing a barge / Sitting in a 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost at a Chelsea wedding (and the wedding) / crowbaring the door off an oven in order to serve the dinner that was trapped inside / stealth downhill biking at Cliveden House / bouldering or climbing in Font, London, Swansea & Bristol / driving back overnight to UK in one hit to get an MOT / outdoor swimming in the Thames, Rhossili Bay, Isle of Wight & Cornwall / cooking the nicest piece of côte de bœuf I have ever seen after my clients flew to Paris for the day & went to the market & the butchers! / finally getting a warm, reverse Yogurt & salsa verde spherification to work / seeing my neices / getting back to Chamonix at last

I learnt: Russian is really very hard to learn / Sailing is pretty, bloody scary (and a lot of fun) / Molecular Gastronomy is for those with patience, perseverance & a particularly steady hand / it rains too much in the UK

Winter 2012/13 Wrap up

Wow! What a winter it has been. Pow Pow Pow! A complete contrast to last season. Chamonix has experienced the best snow in about 40 years and, as I write on 16th April, it is still snowing! Business wise it has been an interesting season, with more luxury chalet companies switching their business models to using freelance professional chef's instead of seasonal workers, recognising the logistical practicality of using local, permanent, professional private chef's in their high-end chalets. We couldn't agree more! It has also been good in these financially uncertain times to see the concierge companies doing well. Proof that if you provide the best, there is someone out there who will pay for it. Note to self: I really MUST learn Russian before next winter & any more jobs in Megeve!

So - have a great inter-season to all in Chamonix. I will be cooking in Dijon & London briefly in May, and hopefully cracking some boulder problems in Fontainebleau on my way past, but will be back home in Chamonix in June. If you want chef's during this time- or want to make booking, just ring or email me as usual & I will get back to you.

Restaurants - where our chefs recommend you eat in Chamonix

Fine Dining Restaurants / Good quality Restaurants / International Restaurants / Bistros, Casual dining, & Take Outs / Mountain & Chamonix Valley Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants
Restaurant Albert 1er 38 route du Bouchet +33 4 50 53 05 09 with two Michelin stars this restaurant offers top quality, subtly modernised, French cuisine / Hotel Eden 35 Rte des Gaudenays Les Praz +33 4 50 53 06 40 a mix of contemporary & traditional French cuisine, in Chamonix Les Praz / L'Impossible 9 Chem du Cry +33 4 50 53 20 36 set in a genuine 1754 farmhouse & serving modern, totally organic cuisine / Maison Carrier 44 Rte du Bouchet +33 4 50 53 00 03 classic Savoyard cuisine from the restaurant de pays at the Albert Premier Hotel - many people prefer this to the Michelin starred Albert Premier restaurant in the same hotel / La Calèche 18 rue du Dr Paccard +33 4 50 55 94 68 this authentic "Chamoniard" restaurant although decorated with artefacts from a bygone era, has a good wine menu & serves traditional Savoyard cuisine / L'Auberge du Bois Prin 69 chemin de l'Hermine +33 4 50 53 33 51 set near the Brevant lift above Chamonix, with stunning views of Mont Blanc, this restaurant has its own kitchen garden and gourmet menu & has just (2012) been awarded a Michelin star / Munchie Rue des Moulins +334 50 53 45 41 eclectic, beautifully presented, high quality, fresh, fusion cuisine - this restaurant never lets us down & is the best date restaurant in town [Ed: hint] :-)

Good quality Restaurants
Le Jekyll 71 Route Des Pelerins Chamonix +33 (0) 6 33 06 81 10 fantastic bar & restaurant, often has live music & comedy, next to the main bus station in Chamonix Sud / Café de l'Arve 60 impasse des Anémones +33 4 50 53 58 57 set on the river serving French & Italian cuisine using local Savoyard & Aosta produce / Satsuki 288 rue Joseph Vallot +33 4 50 53 21 99 Japanese restaurant with private room downstairs / Atmosphère 123 place Balmat +33 4 50 55 97 97 gourmet, riverside restaurant with a variety of dishes & a large wine list / Alan Peru 199 Av de l'Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix Sud +33 4 50 53 16 04 a great modern fusion restaurant with a lively atmosphere / Carnotzet 368 rue Charlet Straton +33 4 50 54 19 43 classic Savoyard restaurant in Argentiere / Sarpé 30 passage des Mottets, Les Bois +33 4 50 53 29 31 bijou restaurant serving French cuisine tucked away in Les Bois village / La Maison d'en bas 211 avenue de l'Aiguille du Midi +33 4 50 55 85 97 serves simple Savoyard cuisine / Chambre Neuf 272 av Michel Croz +33 4 50 53 00 31 expect good informal, international food from this Swedish hotel restaurant / La Cabane +33 450 53 23 27 next to the golf course in Les Praz this is a well rated, Michelin two forks, modern French restaurant / Le "A" 270 av. de Courmayeur +33 4 50 55 90 93 great quality, simple local cuisine from this hotel restaurant - plus you can do a lunch & spa deal / L’M at the Hotel Croix Blanc is a traditional brasserie serving Savoyard food, with a Tapas bar next door / Le Rosebud at Hotel Jeu de Paume 4* +33 4 50 54 03 76 modern French gourmet cuisine, in the village of Le Lavancher, just before Argentiere - well worth a taxi ride /

International Restaurants
Annapurna 62 Av Ravanel Le Rouge +33 4 50 55 81 39 pretty good Indian restaurant / Chez Yang 17 rue du Dr Paccard +33 4 50 53 18 35 Chinese & Thai cuisine / Tigre Tigre 239 Av Michel Croz +33 4 50 55 33 42 Indian restaurant /

Bistros, Casual dining, & Take Outs
Micro Brasserie de Chamonix (MBC) 350 rte du Bouchet +33 4 50 53 61 59 great burgers, nachos & home brewed beer / Néapolis 79 Galerie Alpina +33 4 50 53 98 41 great value Pizzas & Italian food, on the river / Casa Valério 88 rue du Lyret +33 4 50 55 93 40 pizzas & Italian food - also Pizza making classes / Midnight Express 23 rue Dr Paccard +33 4 50 53 44 10 one for the way home from the bar - not a gourmet treat, but good take out burgers, crepes & is open late / Crêperie Gentiane 64 rue du Lyret +33 4 50 53 26 93 / Bistrot des Sports 182 rue Joseph Vallot +33 4 50 53 00 46 opened in 1924 this is a classic French brasserie with a great atmosphere and good salads / Poco Loco 47 rue Dr Paccard +33 4 50 53 43 03 another one for on the way home after the bars - eat in or take away burgers /

Mountain & Chamonix Valley Restaurants
Crèmerie Glacier d'Argentiere 766 Chem de la Glacière +33 4 50 54 07 52 you can ski to this highly recommended local restaurant in the woods for lunch when skiing the Grand Montets, or take a car up from Argentiere. Booking is essential / Bergerie +33 4 50 53 45 04 great restaurant at mid station Brevent /

Bars - where our chefs reccomend you drink in Chamonix (!)

Central Chamonix Bars / Rue des Moulins Bars / Chamonix Sud Bars / Other Chamonix Bars / Nightclubs

Central Chamonix bars
Chambre Neuf
part of the stylish Gustavia hotel & popular among the Chamonix crowd it is one of the most popular Chamonix apres ski bars, next to the train station / Elevation 1904 very popular French owned bar with regular sports screenings, live DJs, apres ski & party nights, next to the train station / La Terrasse lively bar on the river right in the centre of Chamonix / Le Lapin Agile 11 Rue de Whymper +33 4 50 53 33 25 great little Italian wine bar for more grown up apres ski / Cha Cha Cha a wine, whisky & whiskey merchant that has a bar area & does great wine tastings

Rue des Moulins bars
Mix Bar
this tiny, but chic, cocktail bar on Rue des Moulins has top notch cocktails, visiting DJs, is open till 2am or 5am most nights and gets busy after 10pm / Soul Food cute, Soul music themed bar, very local, very French and some good DJs squeezed in most nights too / Bar’d Up a rowdy, pub style bar with TV screens & pool table, the odd live band & a late licence

Chamonix Sud Bars

Le Jekyll 71 Route Des Pelerins Chamonix +33 (0) 6 33 06 81 10 fantastic bar & restaurant, often has live music & comedy, next to the main bus station in Chamonix Sud / Monkey funky, young bar often with live music, good for a Sun roast too / South Bar small but cool bar / Munster good Irish bar with live sports & pub quizes

Although Chamonix is famous for its nightlife, with plenty of late night bars that have DJs & dancing, there is a lack of good nightclubs. There are some great down & dirty little bars & clubs that cater to the younger crowd - especially in Chamonix Sud, but there is not much to satisfy the older, more sophisticated clubber. Podium club nights with visiting DJs arranged by World Sessions / L'Amnesia a renaming of the Garage nightclub on the Ag. du Midi road / Le Tof situated in the heart of the Cham Sud apartment area / Privilege nightclub on the Rue de Moulins

Latest News

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2016 Autumn Game Day Courses
  9.30 Arrival & Coffee / 10.00 - 12.00 Workshop 1 - Sourcing & selecting produce, Knife skills & Stock / 12.30 2 course lunch + wine / 14.00 - 16.00 Workshop 2 - Cooking venison & game birds / Coffee & Q&As / Optional Celebration Dinner. Course dates:Sat 24th Oct / Sat 8th Oct / Sat 15th Oct / Sat 12th Nov / Sat 19th Nov  Price: €75 day + €25 dinner Full info: +33684924446

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2016 Gluten Free Cooking Day Courses
9.30 Arrival & coffee / 10.00 - 12.00 GF products overview & Workshop 1 - breakfast breads & pancakes, cakes & muffins, sweet treats / 12.30 2 course lunch + wine / 14.00 - 16.00 Workshop 2 - sauces, mains & desserts  / Coffee, cakes & Q&As / Optional Celebration Dinner Course dates: Sun 25th Sept / Sat 1st Oct / Sun 16th Oct / Sun 13th Nov Price: €50 day + €20 dinner Full info: +33684924446

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2016 Super Foods Day Courses
Seeds, Grains, Lentils, Beans & Pulses 9.30 Arrival & coffee / 10.00 - 12.00 Produce overview & Cooking Worskshop 1 / 12.30 two course lunch / 14.00 - 16.00 Cooking Workshop 2 / Coffee & Q&As / Optional Celebration Dinner Course dates:  Sun 2nd Oct / Sun 9th Oct / Sun 20th Nov Price: €50 day + €20 dinner Full info: +33684924446

>>>Retreats Summer 2016
3 day / 7 day Vegetarian Cooking & Yoga retreats:  3rd - 6th or 10th Sept / 10th - 13th or 17th Sept
Climbing & Clean Eating Week Spain:
  1st - 8th Oct / 8th - 15th Oct

>>>Ironman Tri Camp 2015 & 2016ChamChef had a fantastic week with pro coach Phil Mosley on an Ironman Tri Camp 23rd-30th May 2015 at BlackRock, Chamonix and we will be running one again in 2016. Dates have not yet been released - so my tip would be to get in touch direct to book before they go live on the website.

ChamChef Chamonix chef Stu McMillan
>>>Winter 2014/15: ChamChef is excited to have chef Stu McMillan working with us for winter 2014/15. Email now for Winter 2014/15 chef bookings for Stu.

>>>Christmas & New Year 2014/15 are booked but you can me for a ChamChef recommended chef >>>

>>>July 2014: I am already pretty booked up for winter 2014/15, but am hoping to have a second chef working with me, details coming soon.

>>>Summer 2013: ChamChef has launched luxury summer cookery course holidays in Les, Houches, Chamonix. Book on a Gourmet Cookery Holiday or a Health & Welllbeing Holiday. Visit for more info.

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Photo montage of gourmet food, wine tasting and gourmet food in France

Wine, Beer & Spirits

Working with Jonathon at Conroy Vins et Spiriteaux we can match wines to menus, have wine, beer & spirits delivered free and can arrange wine tastings.

♥ Our Latest Fancy

We ♥ The Big Horn Bistro in Chamonix Sud for weekend brunches. Opposite the Aiguille du Midi Telepherique. 77 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix, 74400. Tel +33 4 57 44 62 84

We still ♥ Le Cafe Comptoir in Vallorcine for summer lunches. Fresh, local, seasonal menus. Great cooking & a lovely atmosphere.

♥ Our Longterm Love

We ♥ still Le Jekyll - 71 Route Des Pelerins Chamonix +33 6 33 06 81 10 - as even though Chris doesn't own it any more we love Roman & Julian. An informal, realaxed atmosphere & a late night tapas & burger restaurant menu. Situated near the main bus station in Chamonix Sud.

Restaurant & Food News

L'Auberge du Bois Prin restaurant, Chamonix

Congratulations to the Bois Prin Restaurant & Hotel for being awarded a well deserved Michelin star.


Cap Horn restaurant, Chamonix

Wim & Laurence, the Chamonix based restauranteurs who already own & run La Cabane Restaurant in Chamonix Les Praz & La Calèche Restaurant in Chamonix have opened a trio of new ventures on the Rue de Moulin - Le Cap Horn contemporary seafood restaurant, Le Cap Blanc Sushi restaurant & Les Caves du Pèle Wine Bar.


Flumet La Coopérative Fruitière du Val d’Arly, Chamonix Shop

La Coopérative Fruitière du Val d'Arly has opened a store near the Place du Mont Blanc in Chamonix. You can discover their farm made cheeses - Reblochon, Beaufort - and also a range of artisan products including cured meats & wines from Savoie. 93, rue Whymper - 74400 Chamonix. Tel +33 4 50 93 15 89.